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Building esport spaces and launching tournaments with Andrew and Michael

August 30, 2022

Building esport spaces and launching tournaments with Andrew and Michael
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There’s been debate around the credibility of esports in the world of education and whether it should get the same consideration as regular sports.
What are the benefits of esports, and what does it take to see success through creating an esport space?
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Andrew Schmidt, senior Solutions Center engineer, and Michael Mason, senior Business Transformation engineer, both of Ingram Micro, about:
  • Stepping into the esport space
  • Designing spaces for esport tournaments
  • The benefits of building an esport arena

Stepping into the esport space

Today's playing field extends into the digital world, and schools are weighing the pros and cons of introducing esports alongside traditional sports.
With that incorporation comes new challenges and questions, from how to build reliable esport spaces to winning over skeptics who may not consider esports a viable sport.
Andrew and Michael recently conducted their first esport tournament and learned much about what makes a tournament tick.
“One of the fun things we did with the tournament was we had a commentator, somebody who is watching the game calling out great plays,” Andrew shares.
Customizing a space for esports is more than computers and keyboards. For Andrew and Michael, it was about creating a fully immersive environment.

Designing spaces for esport tournaments

There are multiple opportunities for engagement and immersion within esports. With the correct planning and attention, community value skyrockets.
Value like that isn’t built overnight. Budget and timelines play critical roles in ensuring success. “The important thing is to get the primary components in place, which would be the gaming gear and the like for students,” Michael explains.
When looking at a space, making room for parents to watch the students play is a great way to boost morale and create a more inclusive experience. Sports, of any variety, should bring people together.
Get folks onboard with the benefits of esports—help them see the value, the camaraderie and the opportunities down the line. Let your space grow and fluctuate as funding and investment scale.

The benefits of building an esport arena

The skills attached to esports, though in a different form, echo those of regular sports:
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving
 The list goes on. Beyond character-building benefits, esports levels the playing field and opens doors for students that may have gone unnoticed otherwise. A well-built esport arena accomplishes a sense of belonging.
“We worked with the National Esports Association,” Michael shares. “They gave us advice along the way. The hope is we can share some of that advice to our partners as they help their customers.”
The core value of an esport arena is the community. Creating that environment takes careful planning, technological support and leaning into ingenuity.
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