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Building a new reputation: How Dell can help your small to midsize business

April 22, 2022

Building a new reputation: How Dell can help your small to midsize business
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Historically, Dell hasn’t always had the best reputation in the reseller community. They’re a large company, and as such, resellers often find those companies hard to work with, worried they’re just going to try to cut them out.

But that was then, and this is now. Dell has invested a host of resources to make the small to midsize businesses more comfortable working with them. On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, we sat down with Mike Rocker from Nerds that Care, John Runkle from Ingram Micro, and David Pollina and Donald Hinkley from Dell to talk about:
  • How Dell can help your small to midsize business
  • How Dell has reinvented themselves over the past several years
  • The ways that Dell helped Mark and his team at Nerds that Care

How Dell reinvented themselves

Like we said, Dell wasn’t always a positive name in the reseller community. Companies were worried they were going direct, trying to cut out the resellers. The name of the game was trust, and all too often, they heard some version of “you worked me over five years ago, why should I trust you now?”

But over time, Dell leadership shifted focus. Sure, they still sold direct, but they put more and more focus on small to midsize businesses, knowing that the need for home computers was always going to be there. They decided to focus on building a positive reputation for themselves.

As the years went on, they got less and less complaints about issues with reps, and now those issues are virtually non-existent. There are very few issues where a Dell rep has jumped in and stepped on someone’s toes, because they’re staying in their lane.

In turn, they’re gaining more and more trust, and there’s more cooperation than ever before with small to midsize businesses.

Nerds that Care

Mike and his team at Nerds that Care offer a host of services, including IT services, managed IT solutions, cybersecurity, and data backup and recovery. So obviously, it was crucial that he work with a computer provider that he could trust.

COVID was really tough for a lot of people. Working from home, combined with supply chain issues, means that it’s been really difficult times for the last several years for them.
The Dell team has been steady. They’ve had Mike’s back. And for a small business to have amazing things to say about a company the size of Dell, you know they’re doing something right.
If you’re looking for computer services for your small to midsize business, make sure and reach out to see what Dell can do for you.

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