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Building a cybersecurity Center of Excellence

December 08, 2022

Building a cybersecurity Center of Excellence
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The biggest threat that tech companies face when it comes to cybersecurity isn’t virulent new ransomware or zero-day attacks—it’s a lack of expertise and a shortage of qualified talent.
But Ingram Micro is fighting these challenges by realigning, focusing on integration, and building a crucial knowledge base.
Join Shelby Skrhak for a conversation with Jonathan Silsby, director of Solution Design and Services, and Shawn Mininger, Channel chief information security officer, about Ingram Micro's revolutionary cybersecurity Center of Excellence initiative.
  • How the Center of Excellence will benefit customers
  • De-siloing vital information from subject matter experts
  • The integration and alignment of knowledge to further benefit customers.

Concentrated expertise

If you’re not familiar with the term “center of excellence,” it’s a physical or virtual repository of expertise and best practices that’s readily available and not locked away in some ivory tower.
Jonathan points out that the current biggest threat to the tech industry is the alarming lack of experienced staff. Business demand for cybersecurity pros is higher than ever.
Threat actors have evolved as well. No longer pimple-faced kids eating Cheetos in a basement somewhere, today’s hackers are part of a globally distributed organized crime effort and have the resources of nation-states behind them. And they have no respect for laws or borders.
But Ingram Micro is working to create a bulwark against these threats by aligning its strategy and mindset towards solving problems and striving for positive outcomes.

A layered defense

An effective cybersecurity mesh architecture depends on an integrated, layered defense.
Shawn and Jonathan are working tirelessly to guarantee their customers access to the right resources and the right data at the right time. In the first phase of this bold initiative, they are focusing on realigning under one unifying vision.
Every effort is to build an unparalleled solution for helping their clients transform their businesses and maximize their cybersecurity protocols.

Solution design and services

Shawn emphasizes that the Ingram Micro Center of Excellence will offer customers the benefit of a one-stop shop, where everything they need to create and deploy new initiatives will be at their fingertips.
De-siloing expert, specialized knowledge will help cybersecurity teams become more multi-functional and able to access the tools they need to protect their data from any attack.
Looking forward, Shawn believes that while criminals are getting bolder and cybersecurity becomes even more critical, the Center of Excellence is a powerful way for companies to learn what they need to shift to more integrated solutions.
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