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Build data centers faster with Cisco build to order

July 09, 2021

Build data centers faster with Cisco build to order
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With ongoing component shortages, it’s more and more difficult to get the solution you need built in a timely fashion.
That’s where Cisco build to order (BTO) can help.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with two experts from Ingram Micro’s Cisco Business Unit, Carol Wright, Technology Consultant and Michelle Edmonds, Sr. Vendor Business Manager, about:
  • The challenges that solution providers face
  • What Cisco BTO is
  • The process to get started

Challenges for solution providers

It’s been a difficult year for solution providers.
First, they were tasked with developing secure remote options for learning and for the workplace. Then, they had to create long-term hybrid solutions for reopening businesses and schools.
Now, they’re attempting to meet the challenges of lowering total cost of ownership and increasing efficiencies so they can offer the most effective solutions based on the needs of their customers.
Along with those challenges, they’ve had to deal with ongoing component shortages, specifically concerning chips and semiconductors.

Cisco BTO

Think of Cisco BTO as a different go-to-market for Cisco UCS servers. With Cisco BTO’s server integration capabilities, server builds can be completed much quicker.
If partners have a pipeline with their end users, they know when they’ll need additional products. Cisco BTO ensures the pipeline is met in a timely manner and even delivers directly to end users in multiple locations.

Who qualifies?

“Partners should come to us with any opportunity where they have configurations or when specific builds are necessary,” Michelle says.
There are no requirements for Cisco BTO or to sell UCS servers from Cisco. All that needs to exist is the need and the opportunity from the end user.
The ultimate goal of the service is to take care of all the integration work so that partners have more time to continue mining their end customer base.

How to get started

Everybody’s systems have been put to the test during the pandemic.
“They’re seeing more strain on infrastructure and realizing that it’s time to make upgrades for their data center or other server environments,” Carol says.
This is the perfect opportunity for partners to take advantage of that need in the marketplace.
To start, reach out to anyone on your Cisco Market Development Team. Give them the opportunity to understand your needs and let them help you build that solution out.
“We could be your trusted configuration center,” Michelle says. “Make sure that you have a team behind you that can help you get orders out the door in the fastest turnaround time available.”
Learn more at Cisco Virtual Learning.