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Bash through your own ceiling | Coffee with Women in Tech

February 25, 2021

Bash through your own ceiling | Coffee with Women in Tech
powered by Sounder

In our special edition of Coffee with Women in Tech with Harpreet Narang, we sit down with Julie O’Hara, group delivery director, Computacenter and winner of CRN Women in Channel “Woman of the Year” 2020, who talks about what makes her a success in technology. Julie, like most people in technology, didn’t start in this field but fell into it after stumbling across an opportunity.
The two also discussed:
  • How to make tech more accessible with more appealing job descriptions and fewer acronyms
  • Importance of coaching, especially outside of your organization, and “radical candor”
  • Successful work/life balance for working moms
  • Being bolder, more visible in your organization
Technology is a dynamic industry with so many opportunities to grow. You can have a remarkable career in technology without ever having considered it. There are so many resources to develop your transferrable skills, get coaching or mentorships, and work on your growth and development. The time to jump in is now.
For more information or to be a guest on the show, connect with Harpreet Narang on LinkedIn or email.