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Application Modernization: How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

June 03, 2021

Application Modernization: How to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation
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The application modernization movement is completely changing the IT industry. With the continued shift over to digital, companies are realizing how critical it is for future growth.

Shelby Skrhak talks with Joe Cropper — STSM, Power Systems Hybrid Multicloud Management with IBM— about:

  • The definition of app modernization
  • Why it’s happening now
  • Common blockers for app modernization
  • The journey of app modernization
  • Value add for Red Hat Openshift

What is application modernization?

“Application modernization is really all about helping clients accelerate their digital transformation,” Joe says.

The goal is to give developers the right set of tools and processes so that they can innovate and deploy their applications in the field more quickly.

Why now?

The digital experience is taking over. More and more people are skipping in-person shopping, and instead, purchasing items online.

In addition, there’s incredible open-source innovation happening right now in analytics and AI, and new technologies like Kubernetes are changing the way companies can deploy containers at enterprise scale.

Given all these factors, companies are realizing that the environment is ripe for attaining market differentiation and inciting accelerated innovation.

Common blockers

Most businesses know they should do this. But many, quite simply, don’t know where to start. For most, it’s a brand new set of tools, technology, and vocabulary.

“That’s where partner ecosystems and channels can help people accelerate that journey and help them understand how they can leverage these new technologies to get the type of transformation their business requires,” Joe says.

The app modernization journey

App modernization is a multi-stage, multi-year, iterative process. It’s a complex journey because companies have a huge number of applications in their data centers that continually need to go through this process.

That being said, it can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Assess your application portfolio and evaluate where modernization can help.
  2. Start building a business case so that you can show the value of modernization.
  3. Execute your vision, rinse, and repeat.

The value add of Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Power Systems

Red Hat OpenShift is basically the commoditization of a container orchestration platform.

Red Hat has taken Kubernetes—which was an open source project started by Google —and surrounded it with value-add capabilities that developers need so they can focus on building applications.

OpenShift brings better price performance, better throughput, security, reliability, and availability to IBM Power Systems.

Final thoughts

According to Joe, you can’t afford to ignore application modernization.

“I can’t stress enough how important it is to scale up in this area,” he says. “It’s here to stay, and it’s going to have a dramatic effect on things.”

For more information, contact IBM-HW@ingrammicro.com or visit the Application Modernization Field Guide.