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AOC partners with Red Bull in the esports arena

August 12, 2021

AOC partners with Red Bull in the esports arena
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Gaming at the highest level requires monitors with exceptional performance. That’s exactly why AOC’s award-winning monitors are a wise bet for gamers around the world.
Logan Lyles chats with Scott Beley, Marketing Manager, and Paul Chen, Director of Product Management, both at AOC/Phillips, about:
  • Partnering with the Red Bull Racing esports sim racing division
  • The esports arena in the UK
  • Trends in the gaming industry

Red Bull partnership

AOC/Phillips and Red Bull have partnered for a number of years now. AOC monitors have been provided for use in gaming events and tournaments organized by Red Bull. Another opportunity to partner has presented itself in the Red Bull Racing esports sim racing division.
The partnership makes sense from a marketing perspective. Both brands are synonymous with excitement and represent the pinnacle of performance. The association only serves to reinforce those brand attributes for each company.
From a technical perspective, the partnership provides an avenue for AOC/Phillips to show off their top-of-the-line monitors to the public, and in particular, to the gamers for which they are intended.

Esports arena

The new esports arena in the UK is equipped with AOC monitors. This has provided added benefits for AOC beyond simply brand recognition.
“The main thing we’ve gotten from that is we’ve received a better understanding of how our monitors fit into the systems used for sim racing,” Scott says.
Because sim racing drivers rely solely on visuals for gameplay, the monitor is the most important piece of equipment. It needs to provide an accurate representation of the game, which means it needs to have a nice picture, high resolution, and crisp and accurate colors.
It also needs to be high performance so that visual information can be conveyed as rapidly as possible. So that means the monitors need to have a speedy refresh rate.

Trends in the gaming industry

Esports has grown over the past decade for two reasons: the ubiquity of the internet and advances in hardware technology.
As more and more people have watched events, the gaming ecosystem has continued to flourish.
Gaming isn’t just on consoles anymore. PC and mobile gaming continue to jump in popularity. Because of that, cross-platform gaming is also on the rise.
Streaming gaming appears to be the next big thing. Companies like Netflix have announced they will be making investments into the area.
As the gaming industry continues to grow, AOC/Phillips intends to continue providing monitors to events and arenas into the future.
To learn more, reach out to Nick Nanez, Sr. (nick.nanez@ingrammicro.com) or visit AOC.