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An update on the public sector business

September 03, 2021

An update on the public sector business
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There are new and exciting changes coming to the public sector business.
Logan Lyles speaks with Tony Celeste, Executive Director at Ingram Micro, to break it all down. They talk about:
  • The impact of new ownership on public sector business
  • 2021 trends in the public sector
  • Fed buying season
  • Greater scrutiny around supply chain security

New ownership

Ingram Micro recently closed its acquisition by private equity firm Platinum Equity.
“They’re prepared to leverage their resources and experience to help Ingram Micro navigate these fluid times,” Tony says.
This new ownership will have a tremendous impact on Ingram Micro in a variety of ways:
  • Ingram Micro is no longer under foreign ownership.
  • Platinum Equity has many partners in their portfolio and prior experience dealing with government contractors on the systems integration side and Ingram Micro will be able to leverage those resources.
  • The acquisition will allow Ingram Micro to focus and commit more to the public sector market.

2021 trends

What are some of the new trends in the public sector market in 2021?
  • Infrastructure - With the switch to remote work, there was a massive increase in client devices which laid bare the problems with antiquated IT systems.
  • Cybersecurity - Because there are more devices, it has increased the attack surface area.
  • Digital citizen services - In the pandemic, you can’t just walk into a government agency building. That has increased the need for digital transformation in the form of digital services and experiences.

Fed buying season

The main takeaway is to look at technology not from a function and features perspective, but to elevate the conversation and instead focus on how the technology will enable a mission.
Once you get into the crunch time of fed buying season, it will be all about follow-up work—following up with contracts and acquisition shops, updating proposals, updating pricing and quotes.
A big part of the equation is ensuring you’ve established relationships with the partners that have appropriate acquisition vehicles already in place and have access to the information.
It’s also about following the money.
“We’re going to see a lot of surplus money that has not been allocated, and the government’s going to scramble quickly to spend those dollars,” Tony says, “so you need to be prepared with what those proposals are.”

Supply chain security

Supply chain risk management is receiving increasing scrutiny.
As bad actors become more sophisticated and society becomes more and more dependent on technology, it’s not just about securing and protecting data—it’s also about the resilience of supply chains.
“What a partner needs to do is get their processes and their own houses in order first,” Tony says, “before they venture outside to their partners in their networks.”
For more information, contact Adam Springer or visit Ingram Micro’s Public Sector.