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AI: How MSPs can offer network as a service at scale

December 20, 2021

AI: How MSPs can offer network as a service at scale
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Network as a service (NaaS) is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 34.5% over the next 5 years, and many MSPs are finding it hard to keep up with the pace of innovation.
Artificial intelligence may be their secret weapon in catching up.
In a special As the Gears Turn edition, Devaughn Bittle and Patrick Cash speak with Mike Anderson, leader of worldwide MSP channels at Juniper Networks, about:

  • The factors contributing to the growth of NaaS
  • The role AI plays
  • The benefits of Juniper Networks’ MSP program

The growth of network as a service

According to Mike, there are multiple factors contributing to the accelerated growth of NaaS.
SaaS, cloud, public cloud and DevOps have all impacted this development in various ways.
“Companies are spending their time digitizing their infrastructure,” Mike says, “and that trickles down into how they consume and manage networking.”
Many companies have realized that to keep up, they need to focus more on innovation and less on management.
Juniper Networks believes that there are four critical components to truly address NaaS:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Location
  • Security
  • SD-WAN

 “There are more devices connecting than ever before,” Mike says. “So, it’s critically important that these organizations and even those partners servicing them, have a way to handle it that is easy.”


An important component of NaaS is speed-to-issue resolution.
“You need to discover what that issue is within minutes or even seconds,” Mike says, “and that’s where AI comes into play.”
Think of it this way. The value of an MSP lies in its ability to deliver an SLA. That means they have to be effective at enforcing SLAs, but still be able to focus on innovation and growth.
Before AI, it would take hours for an MSP to resolve an issue. Now, it could take minutes.
“I cannot imagine an effective NaaS model being run without an AI component in the background,” Mike says.

MSP program

The Juniper Partner Advantage Program is a five-star, endorsed program that enables partners to build an offering and address the growth of NaaS.


  • A programmatic piece that delivers architectures like fixed predictable pricing
  • Flexible sourcing options that allow partners to get assets as a subscription or a lease
  • A partner portal with assets and tools that aid in building a service
  • Marketing leads


The company’s goal is not to be over distributed. To that end, they maintain a list of qualifications that partners must meet to join the program.
  • Must have a network operations center (NOC)
  • Must have a business plan
  • Must have the ability to go to market
 “If you are a match, we will certainly bring you into the program,” Mike says.
For more information, contact the Juniper Assist team.
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