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Achieve Unified Visibility & Security Analytics with Stealthwatch Cloud

September 28, 2020

Achieve Unified Visibility & Security Analytics with Stealthwatch Cloud
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Security as a platform. This is what Cisco is working to integrate with it’s newer security products: SecureX and Stealthwatch Cloud.
Systems Engineering Manager John Heintz is part of that team trying to make information security as simple and streamlined as possible. He joins Keri on this episode to discuss…
  • Why security as a platform is a unique and helpful approach to security management today
  • How SecureX provides a unified vision of all your security products
  • How Stealthwatch detects threats through scalable visibility and security analytics
"At the end of the day, it's about being able to make a judgement on a security incident and decide if it's good or bad... and then be able to remedy it." — John Heintz

Security as a platform

Imagine if all of your information security analytics were all visible and managed on one pane of glass. That would make threats a lot easier to detect, right?
Cisco is making security as a platform a reality with SecureX. You’re able to see a snapshot of your entire ecosystem in one window.
What’s more? SecureX comes free with any Cisco security product for partners.
"SecureX is simple visibility across multiple security products." — John Heintz

Stealthwatch Cloud

One of those products that SecureX comes free with is Stealthwatch Cloud, a network analytics tool.
Stealthwatch Cloud uses machine learning to detect irregularities in your cloud ecosystem — irregularities that used to go unnoticed and unremedied. Think of Stealthwatch Cloud as your 24/7 security guard that identifies malicious activities in real-time and provides actionable security intelligence.

The future of technology

John doesn’t see the adoption of cloud technologies slowing down any time soon. As solutions providers continue to resolve the issues we’re running into related to the pandemic, we can count on many of those solutions evolving and maintaining relevance in the future.
You can bet on SecureX and Stealthwatch Cloud being two of those ever-evolving solutions.
Find more on Stealthwatch here, Stealthwatch case studies here, and listen to episode 67: Securing it all with SecureX.
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