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Accessing dynamic connectivity with Secure SD-WAN

June 02, 2021

Accessing dynamic connectivity with Secure SD-WAN
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There tends to be a lot of chaos in network environments. With a switch to Secure SD-WAN, you can bring fast, scalable, and flexible connectivity to your organization while lowering costs and simplifying operations.
In this episode, Travis King talks with Jaime Ortiz, Principal Engineer for Fortinet, about:
  • The difference between SD-WAN and MPLS
  • The types of organizations that would benefit from SD-WAN
  • How SD-WAN helps companies consolidate the network stack

The difference between SD-WAN and MPLS

MPLS is a technology we’ve been using for decades. It has allowed companies to build these full-mesh networks and to have relatively fast access between branch locations and hubs. But compared to traditional internet circuits, it’s pretty expensive.
SD-WAN is a technology that can run on top of MPLS but also allow you to use a commodity internet circuit to pull them together.
So, in essence, you can take advantage of MPLS and join it with commodity internet so that you can route specific traffic over different paths, fail over dynamically and measure the response in real time.
Eventually, you can even reduce costs by phasing out MPLS completely and sending all traffic across the internet itself.

Types of organizations that would benefit from SD-WAN

Because this technology also works over cellular networks and can scale no matter where you are, it can be applicable to many different organizations.
But to take a new pandemic offering—curbside services—as an example, SD-WAN enables brick-and-mortar retailers to have that all-important connectivity in real time. That then allows them to fulfill orders quickly and the connectivity comes at a fraction of the price of other network circuits.
Other types of organizations that could benefit:
  • Manufacturing
  • OTC markets
  • Operational technology

Consolidating the network stack

Businesses are looking to get into a consolidation model because that translates into cost savings and a simplification of the network stack.
What SD-WAN has done is helped people realize that the edge router isn’t necessary anymore. We used to have this delineation of services: your router, your switch and your firewall.
With FortiGate, Fortinet has added a next-gen firewall to your switching infrastructure. Now, you’re able to scan that traffic that’s inside the switch. And it also includes advanced routing. So all three services are included in one offering.
SD-WAN can help lower your costs, increase performance and strengthen the security of your network. But most importantly, it helps you set up a long-term solution that will provide major benefits in the long run.
Contact the Fortinet team at Ingram Micro at FortinetMD@ingrammicro.com.