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A new lease on life: Why certified pre-owned products make sense

September 29, 2021

A new lease on life: Why certified pre-owned products make sense
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It’s happened to us all.
You source a solution for a specific technology problem you’ve been trying to solve, all is going well, then the manufacturer discontinues production of that product and stops supporting the one you have.
You don’t have an unlimited budget to go out and source a new solution every time a manufacturer stops producing your product, so where do you turn? What do you do?
On this episode of B2B Tech Talk, we talk with Lukas Bartone, a solutions specialist for Ingram Micro’s Sourcing and Certified Pre-Owned programs, on how his department is committed to helping customers source hard to find products and meet their budget requirements with certified pre-owned products.
What we discussed:
  • The Ingram Micro Sourcing program and how they can help find hard-to-find products
  • Why certified pre-owned products often make just as much sense as new ones
  • The ways that his team is committed to helping every customer solve their needs as efficiently as possible

Sourcing 101

So what do you do when you discover the product that is crucial to running your business is no longer being manufactured? It’s reached its end of life and the manufacturer has dropped support.
You don’t have an unlimited budget to go out and implement a new system every time.

This is where Ingram Micro’s Sourcing team comes in. They specialize in spare, end of life and hard-to-find products. There’s a huge market need right now but it’s often a complicated buying process.
In addition to helping you source these products, Ingram Micro is also committed to ensuring the products they find are genuine and will serve your needs, so you don’t end up with a fake part or something from a shady third-party website that doesn't do what you need it to do.

Certified Pre-Owned

With the COVID-19 pandemic still in full swing, we’ve seen LOADS of businesses outfit their entire workforces with technology to work from home. But in this age of chip shortages and supply chain issues, new products can often be hard to come by.
In addition to helping find end-of-life products, Ingram Micro also has a robust certified pre-owned program. For those that, for whatever reason, need to be extra budget conscious (think school districts or non-profits), Ingram Micro can help source grade-A, like-new products such as laptops, tablets or desktop computers.
With a large portion of America’s workforce still at home, the need for pre-owned products isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Companies, even well-off ones, will continue to need access to high quality, affordable technology to help their businesses succeed and continue to deliver revenue.
Want to learn more about Ingram Micro’s Sourcing and Certified Pre-Owned programs? Reach out to sourcingteam@ingrammicro.com