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A madcap exploration of Dell and Microsoft’s approach to cyber resilience

April 20, 2022

A madcap exploration of Dell and Microsoft’s approach to cyber resilience
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And now for something completely different …
Join hosts George Warren, channel marketing for Microsoft Server Attach, Dell Technologies, and Doug Mellard, professional agitator, for a freewheeling conversation about Dell and Microsoft’s approach to cyber resilience. They talk about:

  • Cyber resilience
  • Dell’s secure supply chain
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2022

Cyber resilience

For channel partners and their customers, security remains a fast-growing concern. That’s why it’s been a primary focus for industry leaders like Dell and Microsoft for decades.
They’ve made it their mission to help the partner community become more fluent in cyber risk and cyber resilience because that gives partners the best opportunity to influence key decision-makers and address customer needs.
After all, with 84% of customers reporting that they’ll remain loyal to a company with strong security controls, customer loyalty is highly dependent on customer trust.
So, what is cyber resilience?
“It basically means security is a process, not an event,” George says.
Cyber resilience requires constant vigilance, planning and good choices. It starts with an ultra-modern supply chain built on a foundation of transparency and trust and continues through a resilient architecture built into every phase of the product lifecycle.

Dell’s secure supply chain

Dell and Microsoft have partnered to offer cradle-to-the-grave protection. It starts at the silicon and continues on through the supply chain all the way to asset retirement.
There are three tenets to their approach:

  • Start strong: Dell PowerEdge server with attached Microsoft products is built and tested inside a secure product environment and partner ecosystem.
  • Stay strong: Continuous innovations are released to enhance cyber resilience against constantly evolving threats.
  • Outmaneuver threats: Dell and Microsoft mitigate risk through intelligent automation and recovery tools.
 Dell and Microsoft’s bread and butter have been server solutions. But if underlying hardware and firmware can’t be trusted, overall security will have the integrity of a house of cards.
“Security has to be intrinsic, not an afterthought,” George says.
That means the manner in which technology is built is as important as what it does. Dell Technologies focuses on four key areas:
  1. Design and develop everything with security as a priority.
  2. Source only materials from trusted and verified partners.
  3. Build inside a secure development environment.
  4. Deliver everything to customers in a safe, protected channel.

Microsoft Windows Server 2022

With Windows Server 2022, Microsoft brings advanced multi-layer security at nearly every level.
It offers powerful features that allow schools and communities to modernize while remaining safe and secure.
“It's about looking at every level and trying to tune it up,” George says. “Similarly, Microsoft looks to build on a silicon Root of Trust, but also works to secure the connection between the server and the applications.”
Add to that confidential computing and hardware-secured, trusted execution environments, and Dell has a partner in Microsoft, building toward a similar vision of security.
The basic ingredients? Reliable detection, effective protection and rapid recovery.
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