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A guide to selling MPS successfully

July 13, 2021

A guide to selling MPS successfully
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Partners are helping customers navigate new challenges following the pandemic. One such challenge: how do you manage your printer solutions and your costs within this new norm of the hybrid workforce?
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Paul Sin, Sr. Program Manager of MPS, and Michael McClain, BCS Sales Manager, about:
  • Why partners should consider selling MPS
  • What to ask your customers and what qualifies them for sales
  • Why MPS and why Ingram Micro

Selling MPS

In today’s climate, customers are navigating immense disruption in their work environments.
Partners should discuss MPS with their customers if they want to assist them with improving the work environment, especially considering the shift to hybrid workforces.
“As some transition back to the office and others stay at home, efficiencies in the workforce will need to be discussed,” Paul says.

Qualifying customers for a sales conversation

  1. Are they printing heavily?
  2. Are they missing a managed program as part of their solutions?
If the answer is yes for both, then they would be a great customer to approach to start an MPS sales conversation.

Questions for customers

Once you’ve determined a customer is a good candidate, here are some questions you can use to start the sales conversation:
  • Are you capturing all of your customer’s print business, including toner replenishment?
  • Do you have money budgeted for a refresh of equipment?
  • Would it be easier to spread out payment over time and better manage your finances that way?
You can also share statements with your customers on what you’re seeing in the industry.
For instance, Michael says other partners are using leasing options to better scale their business, especially in instances where their employee base grows or decreases.
Another general tip for MPS sales is to understand the vertical you’re trying to penetrate. It will allow you to focus on specific bundles targeted to the specific needs of your customers.

Why MPS?

There are so many reasons customers should consider MPS.
  • Reduces costs
  • Enables your business to be more agile as it grows
  • Provides updated and secured print equipment
  • Reduces your environmental footprint

Why Ingram Micro?

When it comes to the services offered and the employees available to assist, Ingram Micro is best in class.
In addition to the incredible MPS program, Ingram Micro also offers other programs that can help you remove obstacles that get in your way, like financial solutions, warehousing and installation services.
Just ask an Ingram Micro representative and they can help you through the process.
For more information, email MPSorders@ingrammicro.com or visit Managed Print Services.