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A deep dive into PowerStore

September 10, 2021

A deep dive into PowerStore
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We’re in a new era for data—one in which it's created, processed and stored everywhere. Because of that, businesses are adopting an increasingly complex network of IT resources and infrastructures.
To make it all work, businesses require a new approach to storage.
Shelby Skrhak talks with Stephen Mulvey, Advisory Systems Engineer for the Americas at Dell Technologies, about:
  • PowerStore and its all-flash array infrastructure
  • The benefits of all-flash storage
  • PowerStore’s ease of use


PowerStore is a general-purpose storage device that anyone in any industry vertical can use. It’s a revolutionary new platform that helps businesses unlock the power of their data—whether it’s stored on the edge or in the cloud—and enables them to transform their IT infrastructure without disrupting operations.

Benefits of all-flash storage

The device utilizes all-flash architecture, which means there are no spinning disks.
Benefits to this construction:
  • Spinning disks and actuators break, so all-flash is more reliable
  • Spinning disks are slower; all-flash provides nearly instantaneous data transfer
  • All-flash uses less electricity and puts out less heat
  • All-flash is easy to stack and easy to add more space
All-flash storage technology has been around for 40 years, but only recently has its popularity skyrocketed.
It has to do with comfort and trust. You can lose any other component in the data center—the server, the networking—but if you lose the storage and there isn’t a proper backup, it can be incredibly detrimental to the business.
Many companies were not ready to risk losing their storage in the process of making the switch. But all-flash has been around for many years now. It’s proven itself to be reliable and safe and has gained wide acceptance.

Ease of use

For starters, the PowerStore includes software and an interface that will identify and indicate parts that may be broken.
It can easily scale up and scale out. Multiple appliances can be clustered together for greater performance.
It streamlines application development and automates storage workflows. Plus, it includes built-in intelligence that allows it to optimize performance by eliminating dozens of time-consuming tasks and labor-intensive processes.
On top of all that, Dell constantly releases software updates to keep your system running effectively.
“PowerStore is the current bleeding edge, general purpose business machine,” Stephen says.
To learn more, contact Alex Holler or visit Dell EMC PowerStore Scalable All-Flash Storage.