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A cloud-smart approach for modern infrastructure

December 21, 2022

A cloud-smart approach for modern infrastructure
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 The phrase “cloud-first” was coined just a few years ago, and forward-thinking businesses rushed to be all-in.
But thanks to our accelerated digital transformation and rapidly evolving threats, it’s now crucial to leverage your cloud tech more selectively. Staying relevant means integrating cloud, on-prem and hybrid workflows—and emerging on the enterprise edge.
Jonathan Nguyen-Duy is the VP of Global Field CISO at Fortinet, a former member of the U.S. Foreign Service, and a charismatic speaker at industry events worldwide.
He joins host Shelby Skrhak to delve into:
  • Optimizing your cloud deployments
  • The importance of offering an SD-WAN
  • How Fortinet delivers extreme value to its channel partners

A user-centric strategy

“Since time immemorial, which means somewhere in the mid-1980s, it's always been about connecting and protecting the computer, wherever that is,” Jonathan points out.
Using cloud resources to lessen the impact of cybersecurity staff shortages has only gained steam since before the pandemic. It’s supposed to make everything cheaper, faster, smarter and more agile. There were massive amounts of hype.
However, not everything belongs on the cloud. Financial data, personal info, medical records and intellectual property are much safer in a private environment. And users expect their data to remain secure, no matter where they’re accessing it.
Threat actors are bolder than ever, and the continuing trend of remote work makes rethinking your cloud deployment absolutely vital.

Better business outcomes

In today’s world, success is all about guaranteeing the easiest and most enjoyable user experience. Security is integral to the seamless and frictionless execution of your mission model, whether you’re a mid-market, enterprise or global conglomerate.
As Jonathan says, “if you are a service provider here in the channel, in order for you to be relevant, you've got to offer secure SD-WAN because it's all about connecting and protecting in multiple infrastructures.”
Data-driven decision-making demands effortless networking and the foundational blocks of SD-WAN ensure your resources can be accessed safely from any location.
This architecture helps avoid bottlenecks and encourages “great agility, innovation, acceleration and better user experiences.”

Turnkey solutions

Fortinet provides a huge spectrum of services to its partners, from managed detection and endpoint protection to threat hunting and attack surface monitoring.
Your customers trust you to provide exactly what they need when it comes to security and the most appropriate and cost-effective technologies. Jonathan’s organization delivers the insight and expertise necessary to give your end users the stellar experience they expect.
He acknowledges there’s been a reality check on cloud adoption lately, with many companies realizing a hybrid infrastructure is a more effective use of resources.
Fortinet can help your business overcome the cybersecurity staffing scarcity, gain a competitive advantage and enhance your customer experience.
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