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A chat with Sanjib Sahoo, Ingram Micro’s new chief digital officer

June 16, 2022

A chat with Sanjib Sahoo, Ingram Micro’s new chief digital officer
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With years of experience building platforms and leading digital transformation efforts, Sanjib Sahoo certainly brings a lot to his new role as the chief digital officer at Ingram Micro.
Shelby Skrhak has a wide-ranging conversation with him about:
  • Performing while you transform
  • The difference between digital transformation and digital operations
  • Why mindset and employee motivation are important for transformation
  • How Ingram Micro takes customer/partner/employee experience to the next level
  • Tips for adopting a DigiOps mindset

Perform while you transform

Sanjib champions the concept of “perform while you transform.”
“To balance these two, you have to really focus on transforming, focus on customer experience, bringing new technology and new experiences to market,” he says. “You also need to make sure that your current business operates without too much disruption.”
The solution is to approach it in an agile way, taking small incremental steps toward transformation, rather than taking drastic steps.
“The best transformations are the transformations which are not talked about as transformation,” he says. “The best transformation is where every single day you focus on how you operate with a digital mindset.”

Digital transformation vs. digital operations

Digital transformation is the buzzword of the day, but Sanjib believes what we should actually be aiming for is digital operations.
The term digital transformation presumes that there is an end date when the transformation will be complete. But at the rate that technology moves today, there is never an end date. Companies need to constantly transform.
“What is more important is how do we create a continuous digital operating model,” he says.

Importance of mindset and employee motivation

“Employee experience drives our customer experience,” Sanjib says. “If our employees are not happy, we cannot create tools and systems that give a better experience.”
Finding ways to improve the lives of employees every single day creates momentum and a mindset shift that breaks down barriers and rallies the company together behind a singular focus.
“I call it evangelizing, which is very important in a digital journey, where you have to evangelize the art of possible and not the art of impossible,” he says.

Taking experience to the next level

Ingram Micro is moving toward becoming an experience-driven organization.
“We are focusing on improving and building platforms that deal with customer experience, employee experience, as well as our vendor partner experience,” Sanjib says.
The company is leveraging 43 years of customer data coupled with machine learning and AI to create customized solutions that fit customer needs.

Tips for adopting a DigiOps mindset

  • Create the spirit: Leaders need to evangelize. Tell the story and focus on the art of possible.
  • Plan: Figure out a plan and focus on relentless execution, because execution creates credibility.
  • Architect your solutions for today: Leverage technology and modernize your infrastructure to enable you to move fast, because time to market is vital.
  • Governance: Document how to measure what is working versus what isn’t.
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