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8 Cisco partner profitability programs

December 11, 2019

8 Cisco partner profitability programs
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Did you know Ingram Micro team members and customers have numerous opportunities to increase profitability with the help of Cisco?
The dynamic partnership between Cisco and Ingram Micro has generated multiple partner profitability programs.
In the latest episode of B2B Tech Talk, guest host Logan Lyles of Sweet Fish Media meets up with Cisco’s manager of partner operations for Ingram Micro, Michelle McCrea.
Michelle fills us in on many of the incredible options Cisco offers partners and end users.

8 Cisco partner profitability programs

1. Value Incentive Program (VIP)
The Value Incentive Program offers monetary back-end rewards to partners who focus their practices on tech that’s part of Cisco’s architecture. The more partners sell to customers, the more rebates they earn.
"The more you invest with us, the more we invest with you." - Michelle McCrea
2. Cisco Service Profitability Program (CSPP)
CSPP is another back-end rewards program that incentivizes Cisco partners to increase renewal rates.
3. Opportunity Incentive Program (OIP)
OIP is a deal registration program. When a Cisco partner finds a deal, they’re encouraged to register it and secure additional discounts.
4. Teaming Incentive Program (TIP)
A partner working with a local Cisco account manager can gain tips on opportunities for sales that they may have not been aware of.
5. Migration Incentive Program (MIP)
MIP allows partners to receive even deeper discounts when they migrate from a Cisco competitor.
6. Fast Track
Fast Track is a staple program between Cisco and Ingram Micro that grants discounts for high-volume orders.
"It's critical that partners leverage all available programs." - Michelle McCrea
7. Not for Resale Program (NFRP)
With the NFRP, Cisco partners can purchase product for up to 80% off. Plus, once you enroll, you’ll be auto-enrolled into other incentive programs you’re eligible for.
8. Try & Buy
By enrolling in the Try & Buy program, your customers can try Cisco products for up to 90 days with no commitment.
It’s clear that Michelle and the rest of the team at Cisco realize the value in lifecycle marketing for their partners. Customer success is everyone’s success.
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