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7 Reasons to Move to Managed Print Services with Zebra Technologies

May 31, 2021

7 Reasons to Move to Managed Print Services with Zebra Technologies
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Managed print services (MPS) is a service that helps customers access, optimize, and manage all of their document output needs. And it’s exactly what your thermal printing fleet needs.

In this episode, Shelby Skrhak talks with Matt Murtha, Solutions Specialist at Ingram Micro, about:

  • How MPS works with a new bundle of hardware, software, and services
  •  7 reasons to move to MPS with Zebra

New bundle

Zebra is the market leader in thermal printing. They are offering a new bundle through Ingram Micro that is meant to streamline and simplify supply chain purchases as well as provide complete ongoing solutions for partner needs.

“It’s a turnkey solution that covers hardware and media services,” Matt says.

7 reasons to move to MPS with Zebra

1. Lowers operating costs - The MPS portal was built out with ease of use in mind, which means that customers don’t have to spend time and resources monitoring their own customer base and that  means more time to sell products.

2. Helps gain unmatched intelligence -The MPS portal has a data capture agent that allows customers to track buying habits, trends, and usage across the space.

3. Minimizes IT workload - Automated maintenance reduces the need for IT intervention.

4. Optimizes printer performance - Link-OS is the most intelligent printing OS around and it enables a combination of utilities and developer tools to help drive performance whether it’s one printer or a fleet.

5. Enhances printer security - It helps you identify vulnerabilities before they become an issue and prevent unauthorized access to devices.

6. Identifies device refresh needs - A tool allows customers to set their resupply points when it comes to media. The supplies will automatically be sent when the printer reaches those levels.

7. Visibility into supply usage - It helps you maintain the right mix and volume of thermal printing supplies and prevents the inability to identify what you need which could lead to a shutdown of your operation.


Thinking about making the switch to MPS for your thermal printing fleet? Zebra Technologies will help you 100% of the way.


For more information, contact Matt at matt.murtha@ingrammicro.com.