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60 years of smarter infrastructure solutions

June 18, 2021

60 years of smarter infrastructure solutions
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Over 60 years, Panduit has proven, time and again, its ability to develop high-quality products that never fail. And much of that is owed to heavy investments in R&D.
Shelby Skrhak speaks with Jeff Paliga, Director of Business Development Data Center at Panduit, about:
  • The history of Panduit
  • Commitment to quality
  • The new R&D facility
  • Panduit Ventures

Panduit history

Panduit was founded in 1955 by Jack Caveney.
“Jack was extremely focused on providing the best solutions possible for the market,” says Jeff.
The first solution he created was the wiring duct for a control panel system, which allowed for easier and safer installations. That product helped inspire the company name. Panduit is a portmanteau of panel and conduit.

Commitment to quality

“One of Panduit’s long-standing contributions to success is really the corporate commitment to continuously reinvest in the business,” Jeff says, “and so R&D investment is truly viewed as a key element of bloodline for sustained growth and innovation.”
The company has an excellent global quality team that supports every facet of its business. Needless to say, quality is ingrained in Panduit’s culture.
According to Jeff, “Panduit has done a really excellent job engaging with customers and partners on high-priority challenges that—once they’re solved—provide tangible benefits.”

New R&D facility

Panduit recently opened a new facility called the Experience Center. The facility houses a significant amount of application and technical expertise—around 200 dedicated R&D personnel and 18 different laboratories.
Some of their R&D capabilities include:
  • Thermals
  • Radio frequency
  • Electrical
  • Optical fiber
  • Network architectures
  • Industrial automation
The company launched a formal program to host customers and partners at the facility. It allows them to engage with subject matter experts and tour the laboratories.

Panduit Ventures

As previously mentioned on this podcast, Panduit Ventures is a dedicated resource pool that focuses on accelerating new, big and bold innovation ideas across the company.
“Their scope and their processes and even their risk profile is a little different from other internal teams,” Jeff says, “and this really allows this group of folks to go out and reach really far and wide to look for new opportunities.”
For any type of innovation, Panduit Ventures is dedicated to assessing it, championing it and bringing something new to the space.
For more information, visit Research & Development at Panduit or contact Erin Mancuso at erin.mancuso@ingrammicro.com.
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