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5 Ways Cisco Has Adapted to Serve Partners

Cisco WebEx, Cisco Virtual Learning Center, Partner Go Portal, Finance Programs, and More

December 17, 2020

5 Ways Cisco Has Adapted to Serve Partners
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In 2020, we shifted from business as usual to business will never be the same, almost in an instant.

The shift to remote work meant that business resilience solutions became a top priority, along with collaboration software and a safe return to work. Security and digital automation also continue to be top of mind.

Cisco has launched a successful program called the Secure Remote Worker program. Ingram Micro is coming to market with a solutions inbox of vertical opportunities like distance learning and education.

As-a-service offerings are in more demand, since recurring models give partners sustainability and a predictable revenue stream.


1 — WebEx

Even post-pandemic, up to 20% of workers will stay remote. WebEx is a feature-rich collaboration platform that will streamline the hybrid experience with so much versatility.


2 — Cisco Virtual Learning Center

CVL is an all-encompassing on-demand education center that has high-level content on multiple topics like sales plays and lifecycle management.


3 — Partner Go Portal

The Portal is our automation tool for Cisco transactions, which provides a direct connection into CCW so that partners can get any information within CCW at their fingertips. In other words, it’s self-serve information.


4 — Finance programs

We offer extended payments, payment deferrals, and other creative financial solutions, including Cisco Capital. Everybody needs that cash flow and working capital to be able to grow in today’s market, so Ingram Micro offers flexibility by bearing that risk.


5 — Planning for 2021

The customer experience team is here to help build out preparation for 2021.

Some things to consider:

●     Start the planning process early

●     Shift to as-a-service and annuity deals

●     Reach out to your team board to understand the support and services available to you as a partner

Where is technology going in the next year?

Michelle: Our customers are looking for cloud-delivered solutions that they would like to consume as a service.


Peter: The new digital age is here to stay. The speed at which data is transferred is critical.


Get in touch with Michelle here and Peter here.