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5 Tips for Successful Tech Entrepreneurship

December 25, 2020

5 Tips for Successful Tech Entrepreneurship
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This is the second episode in Ingram Micro’s replay series, where we share with you some of our favorite episodes over the last year that will be helpful to you right now.

Technology can help propel us forward, but it will never replace real human connection. 

When we remember that each person that interacts with our digital presence is a human and we treat them like a human, we build real relationships and create great opportunities. 

In this episode from February 2020, Janet Schijns, founder and CEO of JS Group, discusses why sales professionals need to act more human when they’re selling online. 

She also talks about: 

  • The importance of business people being able to connect with one another. 

  • Why digital is a minimum requirement for all companies to be successful in creating a great user experience. 

  • Why businesses need to think about VR, AR, etc. to stay relevant in the future. 


1. Be human and be connected

Although we have constant access to technology, Janet encourages entrepreneurs to maintain a human connection in sales.
"We're now in a technical revolution." — Janet Schijns
Oftentimes, salespeople are not communicating over social media the way they would in real life. Janet has observed numerous entrepreneurs attempting to sell their product and themselves straightaway on social media platforms.
But is that how they would interact with people in real life? Probably not.
Just as if you were meeting a new acquaintance at a sales event, you should ask people online about themselves before diving into your pitch.

2. Be kinder than what the situation calls for

Janet encourages entrepreneurs to go out of their way to be kinder to folks than what the situation calls for.
This means taking time out of your day to help others get closer to their dreams. Whether you receive anything in return shouldn’t be your concern. Your reward is knowing that you helped someone by just giving a little bit of your time.

3. Keep learning

Through continued learning, Janet has been able to stay in the loop on trends and tactics in the technology space for over two decades.
Continuing education doesn’t have to be formal either. Janet stays in touch by following hashtags relevant to her verticals on Twitter and LinkedIn.

4. Continue finding connections

Maintaining humanity in sales requires entrepreneurs to continually make connections and create common ground. This can happen online as well as in person.
Using LinkedIn to learn more about her connections has helped Janet understand how people want to purchase tech solutions. Some salespeople are just not providing the preferred route.

5. Sell socially every day

In order to use the consolidated power of online and in-person selling, entrepreneurs should exercise their social selling skills every day.
In fact, Janet discloses that professionals who practice social selling have approximately a 70% higher achievement rate than their peers. (Is this sentence needed, since the quote here says almost exactly the same thing? Or should we get rid of the quote? It’s also included in the teaser quote above.)
"People who practice social selling have about a 70% higher achievement rate than their peers." — Janet Schijns
The great thing about combining your online and in-person selling strategy is that you can continue doing what you do best: being a human being.

Learn more about how to make your brand stand out and be more human in the new year by listening to this episode or by contacting your Ingram Micro account manager.