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5 challenging questions for VP of U.S. sales

February 03, 2020

5 challenging questions for VP of U.S. sales
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As Ingram Micro partners shift from the U.S. Sales Kickoff into 2020, there may be a few more questions on your minds.
With the help of guest host James Carbary of Sweet Fish Media, we were able to ask Ingram Micro’s VP of U.S. Sales—Susan O’Sullivan—some truly thought-provoking questions about the future of the company and tech as a whole.
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, James and Susan discuss:
  • Methods that actually work for training sales reps
  • The gender equity gap in the tech sales industry
  • How partners can build exceptional customer experience in 2020

What advice do you have for sales leaders coaching new reps?

To Susan, sales has always been about earnestly understanding the customer and their motives. By asking compelling questions, a rep can develop an honest passion for the customer’s success.
In order to help reps reach that point, Susan suggests that sales coaches gain a clearer understanding of the rep’s challenges. A sales coach can do this by asking the rep two questions after a call: 
  1. What do you think went well?
  2. What do you think could’ve gone better? 
By asking more collaborative questions, the rep will likely become more invested and motivated in their career.

What can tech sales leaders do about the gender equity gap?

Susan encourages all sales leaders—female and male—to make it as opportunistic as possible for women to enter the field.
She also believes it’s essential to help talented people make a sales career conducive to their lives. Initiatives to close the gender equity gap in tech sales start with the industry leaders. Fostering a more diverse and inclusive work environment means putting forth the effort to recruit and retain that talent.

What can channel partners do to create incredible customer experience?

Similarly to her sales coaching advice, Susan urges partners to look at each customer uniquely. Gain a deeper understanding of each customer’s business challenges and goals.
Additionally, having extensive knowledge of your product/service will help you in developing a more holistic approach to customers’ network solutions.