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4 reasons you should join Trust X Alliance

September 01, 2020

4 reasons you should join Trust X Alliance
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We’ve all heard it before: It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
While it’s a true adage, professional communities like Trust X Alliance go further than superficial connections. Members are encouraged to put competition aside and work together for the advancement of technology.
Ingram Micro’s Sr. Manager of Channel Communities, Ashley Stachura, joins Keri to discuss four big reasons why partners should consider joining Trust X Alliance. Plus, they cover…
  • What Trust X Alliance is and their top three priorities
  • How TXA has adjusted to a virtual environment and continued to support their members
  • How TXA is embracing the future of technology and staying on the cutting edge

"The future is ours to define. Trust X Alliance is focused on making sure they're a part of that." — Ashley Stachura

What is Trust X Alliance?
Maybe you’ve heard about Trust X Alliance from another Ingram Micro partner but still aren’t sure what it is exactly.

Trust X Alliance wants its community to be as accessible and transparent as possible. That’s why it makes its three main priorities known:

  1. Engagement
  2. Expansion
  3. Advancement
These priorities—along with a council of members—govern TXA and its initiatives.

TXA is a welcoming professional community where Ingram Micro partners are encouraged to put competition with one another aside. The community offers opportunities for members to team up and provide end users with more value than they could on their own.

4 reasons to join
TXA members benefit from numerous business advantages, but there are four that stand out.

  1. Relationships. No surface-level acquaintances—real, meaningful business relationships between members. Many TXA members become friends outside of business hours.
  2. Business you’ve had to walk away from. By leveraging the relationships you make in TXA, you can revisit deals that you couldn’t fulfill on your own.
  3. New business. Being a TXA member, you uncover business opportunities you hadn’t known were possible before.
  4. A head start. With the powerful relationships you foster in TXA, you’re able to get ahead of other competitors.

You don’t have to take our word for it either. See what a real TXA member has to say.

Embracing the future of tech
Of course, another major benefit of being in Trust X Alliance is the ability to stay ahead on the latest technology trends. Along with the advancement of technology comes more job opportunities for Ingram Micro partners.

When you’re looking for a new position, it really helps to know people, right?
Connect with Trust X Alliance on Twitter @ingramtrustx or on Facebook.
To learn more about joining, email channel.communities@ingrammicro.com or message Ashley on LinkedIn.
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