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2020 ONE Event Reflections

Your experience is our priority. Find out the different ways we’re supporting you and your customers!

November 23, 2020

2020 ONE Event Reflections
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A lot has happened since Ingram Micro’s Chief Country Executive, Kirk Robinson, joined us on the B2B Tech Talk introductory episode.
Two of Ingram Micro’s biggest milestones in 2020 include an entirely virtual ONE Experience and a newfound focus on customer experience.
In this episode, Keri and Kirk discuss…
  • The biggest takeaways from the 2020 ONE Experience
  • What Ingram Micro is doing to double down on customer experience
  • How Ingram Micro is staying connected with partners
"Throughout everything that Ingram Micro has faced, we've stuck to two priorities: the safety and health of our associates and reaching out to our partners to see how we can continue to help them thrive." — Kirk Robinson, Ingram Micro

Looking back at ONE 2020

Like most events this year, ONE was hosted online and brought in attendees from all over the world.
This year’s ONE Experience featured keynotes from top executives and business leaders, as well as chances to relax with live performances by world-renowned musicians.
Didn’t make it to ONE 2020? It’s not too late! Sign up for on-demand content from Ingram Micro’s ONE Experience.

Doubling down on customer experience

Not only does this year’s ONE event focus on customer experience, but sales leader Tyler Coughlan has recently been appointed to Vice President of Customer Experience.
With 23 years of experience in engaging with Ingram Micro partners and end users, Coughlan plans on prioritizing CX through the best people, processes and partners.
Additionally, Kirk informs us that Ingram Micro as a whole is working on optimizing every touchpoint of the customer journey. Meaningful and informed touchpoints are particularly important in a virtual work environment.

Improved communication

The lack of in-person communication doesn’t mean there has to be a lack of personalized communication. Kirk assures partners that Ingram Micro will continue providing accessible channels to glean insights and valuable advice from.
Partner communities like Trust X Alliance and the SMB Alliance are offering more value to members than ever before. Joining a partner community can give your experience with Ingram Micro that extra support you’ve been looking for!