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1,001 things you didn’t know about Ingram Micro ONE

October 05, 2020

1,001 things you didn’t know about Ingram Micro ONE
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Here are some things you didn’t know about our upcoming Ingram Micro ONE event:
  • Small interest groups will make it feel like an in-person event
  • It has all the music
  • You can access translations in 9 languages
In this episode of B2B Tech Talk, Keri Roberts interviews Jennifer Anaya, SVP Global Marketing at Ingram Micro, about what excites her most about ONE as a marketer— relationships.
Ingram Micro’s secret sauce is about the relationships that we have with our vendor partners and how we can use those relationships to lift each other up and grow as a business.” — Jen Anaya

We also discussed:

  • How virtual will feel even more human
  • The theme of ONE: Imagine Next
  • Previews of speakers and entertainers
Honestly, Jen said that many partners don’t know the half of what Ingram Micro can do—which is why she loves talking about ONE so much.
Let’s dive into what to expect at ONE.

A marketer’s role is…

As a marketer, Jen has been working hard to help Ingram Micro support digital marketing globally.
She’s been challenged to think across several languages, borders and cultures to consider the global scale.
It’s a mindset change that has definitely influenced the feel of this year’s ONE event.
  • 20,000 potential viewers
  • 2-3 days
  • 9 languages
  • Global music
The fun part for Jen is getting to wow partners with the amount of solutions and diversity of customers from Ingram Micro.
Jen said the biggest difference for ONE this year is that it’s going to be even more relationship-focused—even more human.
“We're giving a platform for the industry to have a voice together,” Jen said.
There will be music.
There will be a blend of art and technology.
There will be messages from top CEOs.

An expression of support for partners

This has been a rough year for the entire world (to say the least).
Jen described 3 ways Ingram Micro has helped partners that not everyone might have heard about yet.

1.Building relationships

As she’s heard stories from around the world, Jen said the first thing Ingram Micro has done is to stop, listen and tell partners that we care.
That’s the relationship element that is so important to keep us connected right now.

2.Facilitating conversations

We’ve also been bringing partners together to have great dialogue and share best practices.
Talk sessions for Trust X Alliance and SMB Alliance communities have been happening nearly every week throughout the pandemic.
It’s both encouraging and actionable to hear what’s working for others.

3.Keeping partners supplied

Ingram Micro is prioritizing partners and their product needs. Maybe that help is with the supply chain or with creative financing.
It’s important to keep people and businesses healthy right now.
All in all, those 3 principles are underlying our ONE event, too.
Jen said it best: “We have designed the Ingram Micro ONE experience to be a global feel with a localized approach to real-time chatting.”

Where are corporate events going in the next year?

Jen: We will emphasize smaller meetups that are safely physically distant but we will also fully embrace virtual.
Find out everything you need to know about ONE here.
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