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Windows Autopilot

Configuring and deploying new devices just got a lot easier

Introducing Ingram Micro’s zero-touch deployment with Windows Autopilot

Our zero-touch deployment Autopilot services streamline how new Microsoft Windows devices are deployed, reset and repurposed by configuring and personalizing them from the cloud. It's ideal for shipping hardware to remote or on-premises users, who simply unbox the device, turn it on and access an internet connection. With just a few clicks, the device is ready to use, safe and compliant.

Ingram Micro supports Windows Autopilot for our partners

Ingram Micro provides Windows Autopilot services helping our valued partners deliver Microsoft Windows 10 devices straight to your customers.

  • Full-service Autopilot - Standard
  • Full-service Autopilot - Professional
  • Self-service support


Why sell Windows Autopilot

  • Reduces time: Windows Autopilot reduces the time IT spends on deploying, managing and retiring devices.
  • Reduces cost: With Ingram Micro's low prices, Windows Autopilot reduces the infrastructure required to maintain the devices.
  • Easy deployment: Windows Autopilot maximizes the ease of use for all types of end users. With cloud management, IT can ensure all devices in their network remain up to date, compliant and secure.

Our participating Autopilot manufacturers

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