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ThinkShield simplifies the complex world of healthcare IT security

Lenovo’s healthcare devices protected by ThinkShield provide privacy, safety and security in the modern healthcare world.

March 01, 2021

ThinkShield simplifies the complex world of healthcare IT security
Healthcare IT security is becoming increasingly difficult as healthcare facilities and patients use more mobile devices to receive and facilitate treatments. With more endpoints and more data in motion across more networks, the threat surface quickly expands.
Lenovo knows that this growing landscape poses significant challenges for healthcare teams and they’re here to help. ThinkShield provides comprehensive security that protects healthcare across four key dimentions: built-in platform security, device protection, threat and data protection and security management.

Learn more about the Lenovo devices and software that are built to tackle the important task of safeguarding healthcare IT and patient information. And Lenovo has also launched Lenovo Health to provide support specific to the healthcare industry.

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