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Adobe Sign

July 13, 2021

Adobe Sign
From e-signing to digital workflow transformation—make your mark on efficiency and profitability with advanced digital workflows.

Digital transformation is happening, all the way down to the most basic business practices. Signatures, for example, are essential for doing business. Paper and pen, however, are not.

E-signature capabilities have gained broad adoption as an obviously preferred method over the inefficiency, costs and risks of handling and managing paper. While current leading solutions work and add value, they can lack the user workflow integration that’s possible, leaving opportunities for enhanced efficiency and productivity on the table.

Thanks to the latest secure, legally binding e-signature technology, signing critical documents slipstreams right into the day-to-day workflow of end users. Thanks to Adobe Sign, a task that used to be manual, tedious, error-prone and risky has become a fluid and confidence-building experience.

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